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What is Therapy 

Therapy is an emotional journey or process in which you are able to experience and learn about yourself. The aim of therapy is to become aware of the unnecessary old feelings that somehow prevents emotional growth. In short, to know what makes you tick from inside.. Often we forget that everything we say or do is brought about by our own wishes, desires and motives. With the help of a therapist you are able to work through your personal issues which may have bothered you and consequently cause you to feel anxious or depressed. By emotionally experiencing the problem or issues and recognising that it is your unnecessary wish, desire or motive that are causing your fear, anxiety or depression that have been bothering you. As a result you can gain insight to your problems and therefore you can change your old behaviour. Simply put to know your own feelings and thoughts is to know yourself. Thus you can make life choices and decision making across the board. You can increase your capacity to relate to others.

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