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Self esteem can be either negative or positive. A low self esteem can be in the long  run be destructive  to our mental health ,  emotional and personal  growth .  For example, a  false high self esteem can be  have a  negative impact on our life.  In this case the  false high self esteem can be a disguise for any inadequate feelings inside us. A  balanced   self esteem  can be achieved  by knowing ourself and how we affect each other and enjoy a mutual respect for each other.



If we  feel stressed out or overstressed at work, then it is reasonable  to say that we  need to review ourself and our attitudes about ourself or our work. We  may need to look at our own coping mechanisms  and change for the better in order to maintain a positive relationships at work.



Addiction  is a very complex problem. Underneath the addictive behaviour there is the addictive personality. Sometimes we can admit that we have a craving for certain things like smoking cigarettes, certain food or drinking alcohol. Sometimes people can go in life, for along time , addicted to  something yet not  realising  it. Sometimes we  try to give it up by ourselves and  find it hard to maintain the motivation to do so.  Eating problems is another example of  addiction problem , hence it is  difficult to resolve it  without help.



Motivation to study, write,  publicly  speak or perform in public are some common reasons why people come to improve  their feared situations  replacing them with confidence through hypnosis



Anxiety problems are common in our everyday life. Generalised anxiety could be an obstacle to working  effectively and may affect relationships. It may cause insomnia, lack of concentration, and panic attacks.



Depression can be masked by activities of life, humour, insomnia, overeating ,  alcohol drinking , or lack of energy.  It is difficult to treat depression as it manifests in different forms. The loss of loved ones through divorce or death or  loss of a job, may  linger and cause difficulty  in life. The earlier that we detect the depression and learn to manage it the better .



Phobia of a particular situations or a certain object namely flight phobia or phobia of spider and snake can cause a debilitating effect on a person. The cause  or causes of such phenomena is complex .



Personal growth  or personal development can be facilitated either through individual or in a small group therapy.  Some people are not comfortable in individual therapy may benefit from a small group sessions.



All therapies or our daily interactions are based on relationships.  Destructive feelings such as  jealousy, envy,  hate or feelings of insecurity communicated  in couples, family situations,   or social environments  may have a detrimental effect  to the relationship.


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